Best Student Cities in the US

The US is considered to be one of the most desirable places in the world to live and to study. It can offer a lot both in terms of high-quality education and cultural, as well as social activity. The higher education sector in the US is known as a microcosm of entertainment and effective learning. It provides students with a great variety of opportunities. As the country made of different nationalities, the US provides its students with the ability to learn about different cultures. Here are the best student cities in the US you can consider as starting points of your educational path in the country.

  1. Boston

Boston is considered to be one of the most progressive cities in the US. The city that was founded by Puritans in 1630 is a waterside paradise, a seafood-loving hub with a cutting-edge architecture mixed with renowned historical sites.

If you make your student home in Boston, you will be able to find plenty here to keep you occupied after class. The city offers a great number of cultural and historical attractions, including the Freedom Trail, Boston Common Park, the house of Paul Revere, Museum of Fine Arts, Symphony Hall, Fenway Park and much more.

Boston is situated close to two top universities: Massachusetts Institute of Technology and famous Ivy League school Harvard University. The city with more than 80 other universities and colleges has a sizeable student population, so it will be not hard for you to make friends here.

  1. Seattle

The grassy and evergreen Seattle is situated between Puget Sound and the fresh waters of Lake Washington in the Pacific Northwest of the country. The city that lies on seven hills is considered to be the most hipster city in the country. It is the home to such revolutionary artists as Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix. The city’s music scene is better to be discovered at night in a numerous craft beer pubs.

Students who make their home in Seattle can step away from the city’s gleaming skyscrapers to enjoy Seattle’s oldest district, Pioneer Square. The district is famous for its red brick buildings and offers a lot of pop culture and contemporary art attractions such as the quirky EMP Museum and the Olympic Sculpture Park.

The city of Seattle offers 11 colleges and universities including Seattle University and the University of Washington. Furthermore, the city is a home to such world-famous companies as Amazon, Microsoft, and Boeing, so students who dream of making a career in such giant companies can try their luck in Seattle.

  1. Philadelphia

Philadelphia is the first and only World Heritage City in the United States named by UNESCO. The city has a rich and exciting history which influenced its day-to-day life. Philly is exactly the place where Founding Fathers met to sign the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution. That is why the city is considered to be the birthplace of American democracy.

Philadelphia offers a lot of impressive historical attractions such as the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Cultural attractions can be found in Philly’s museums that showcase everything from an ancient Egyptian sphinx to Benjamin Franklin’s inventions.

The multicultural and forward-thinking city of Philadelphia offers its citizens, visitors, and students great food that can be found in city’s bars and restaurants, as well as the Italian Market, famous cheesesteak or two and the impressive active art scene that includes innovative mural arts program – the largest collection of public art in the country.

There are more than 100 universities and colleges in Philadelphia, including the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania – one of the oldest universities in the country. Top institutions of Philadelphia also include Drexel University, Temple University, and La Salle University.

  1. Austin

Austin is considered to be the quirkiest city in the United States. The city is known for its southern charm and the reputation of the place where you can enjoy every corner. Everything here hints at the exclusiveness of the place, including t-shirts and bumper stickers saying “Keep Austin Weird”.

The city that is known as the live music capital of the world has a lot of daytime and night attractions, including tie-dyed tops and name-brand stores placed on eclectic avenues, buzzing music haunts, laid-back dive bars, pit-smoked barbecues, and delicious Mexican street eats. On the weekend, the city that is split in two by the Colorado River becomes one of the greatest places to spend time, offering a lot of entertainments for every taste.

Austin is the place in the US that always attracts a lot of young and talented people. Its student population counts more than 50,000 people. The greatest education institution of Austin is the University of Texas. The university is famous for one of the largest in the US campuses that stretch across 430 acres. It includes 7 museums, 17 libraries and over 17,000 pieces of art in the on-site gallery.

  1. Berkeley

Berkley is the student hub of the US with lots of indie bookstores and coffeehouses known for in-depth political discussions. The city always attracts idealistic undergrads and progressive thinkers from all across the country and all across the globe.

Berkley is the city where you will be able to enjoy numerous shops that sell everything from homemade jewelry to vintage denim jackets, eco-parks with lots of exclusive home decorations, and Berkeley’s multicultural eateries, selling everything from budget Indian street food to bean-packed Mexican burritos.

The most notable cultural attractions of the city are UC Berkeley Art Museum, Tilden Regional Park, Cesar Chavez Park, Berkeley Marina, Golden Gate Bridge and Lake Anza. Also, the city has a top-notch public transport system, so students of the Berkley are able to travel completely for free of charge.

The education institutions of Berkley include the University of California, UC Berkeley School of Law Library, Berkeley City College, Haas School of Business, The Wright Institute, and many more.

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