Student Life in the US

The US is a paradise place for students. It has so much on offer!  Students come to study to the US year after year. That is why the US is considered to be the top destination for international students. The country that educated such famous people as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg offers a lot starting from quality education and high standard of living to a wide variety of entertainments for every taste. So what makes student life in the US so special?


Though it is believed that American culture differs from the rest of the world, the truth is that it is nothing but a blend of all global cultures from almost every nook and corner of the world. Sure, you will have to get used to Americans shocking “r’, but time will teach you. Remember, that when in America, do as Americans do.


Being a student in America is not just about studying. It is about taking part in numerous student clubs, student unions, sororities for women and fraternities for men, as well as extracurriculars on board. Such unification of students is helpful when it comes to making new contacts and obtaining networking skills.


There are three main types of accommodation for students in the US. They are uni, private and homestay accommodation. The first option requires paying accommodation fee inclusive of student’s University meal plan. Private accommodation is the best for those students who want to live and take care of their meals by their own. And the last option, homestay accommodation, is for those who want to experience becoming a part of a local family. Actually, it is one of the best ways to assimilate into the society by mingling with natives and learning the culture and language well.


Medical expenses in the US can be quite the nightmare, so it is always better to ensure that you familiarise yourself with the health center of the college or University you study at.


Student life in America offers a lot of sports activities, including soccer, basketball, swimming, baseball, volleyball, and tennis. There are also some uni sports activities, such as intramural events, intercollegiate events, and recreational events.


In the US, you will be able o try any national cuisine you would like to. The country is made up of different nationalities and the US countless restaurants and shops represent them all. So if you need to stock u[ on any particular product, just ask your student advisor or simply visit some bigger supermarkets. You will find what you need, for sure!


There are so many different cultures in the US that customs and values vary widely from individual to individual. The rule is that most of Americans respect other cultures, so you will have to tolerate them in the same way. The country headed to equality ensures that each individual here will be respected.


If you want to learn about the prices in the US, here are some of them. In average, you will spend about $1000-1500 per month. Weekly shoppings at grocery stores range between $20-40. The utility bill is usually about $50-100 per month. If you are about to dinner at a restaurant, a meal will cost you about $12 on average. When it comes to entertainments, a domestic beer will cost you about $4. If you decide to visit some cinema, a ticket will cost you about $11.


If you come to study in the US and want to work, it is important to ensure that your international visa allows this. For example, if you hold an M1 or J1 visa, you are not allowed to work during your study. If you hold an F1 visa, you are not allowed to work off-campus during your first year of study. At the second year of your study, you can apply to the US Citizenship and Immigration to get a work permit.

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